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Inhabit is a versatile design firm specializing in luxury residential, retail & exterior design. The company’s philosophy is based on the human connection to the surroundings in which they dwell. Understanding and valuing this relationship, allows for an innovative design approach that results in a harmonious union between the individual and their custom environment. Through client collaboration and an artistic vision, the company provides creative designs for modern spaces.

Stephanie Holmes

Stephanie Holmes, president and founder of Inhabit, inspires lives through the art of design and transforms spaces to benefit human existence and the environment that surrounds them.

She received a bachelor of arts in interior and environmental design at CIDA accredited Illinois State University. She started her career in Bloomington, IL, as a residential designer, and then moved into retail design. After leaving the retail company, she found her niche at a multi-faceted design firm where she acted as lead designer and project manager on commercial, retail, residential and exterior projects.At Inhabit, she takes on the role of Registered Senior Interior Designer and Owner utilizing her business skills as well as her design expertise and NCIDQ certification (Certification No. 026980). She strongly believes in community and industry involvement which she executes through her memberships to the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) and the International Interior Design Association (IIDA). Through her passion for design and the human connection to their surroundings, she helps her clients to harmoniously inhabit their spaces in their own, individual fashion.

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