Design Services

Pitts Road Furniture started 5 years ago as one dead, white oak tree fell across rural Pitts Road, blocking the entrance to the Kosogof’s family property nestled in the outskirts of southern Illinois.  As the father and son contemplated what to do with the 150 year old collapsed timber, they decided to transform their problem into a beautiful solution and so began the small operation of chain saw mills, wood drying kilns, and custom table tops.

The owners have made a commitment to strictly harvest only dead or dying trees, so as to preserve the natural ecosystem of the property. The wood is cut and milled in southern Illinois using chain saw mill’s, and then transported back to local Park Ridge, IL where it is dried through a combination of natural air and Kiln drying for optimal performance.

The company prides itself in customization from everything to size, shape, color and wood species.  Utilization and recycling of our natural resources is key to the company, so if you have a decaying tree on your property, they can transform your “problem” into a piece of beautiful furniture, just as they did with their fallen oak years ago.

For custom design, purchasing and pricing please contact:

Tim Kosogof | President and Founder | 630.816.1138
Stephanie Bryant | Furniture Designer & Representative | 312.217.4760